Product Design
The Iris lens series bridges the gap between quality and adaptability in the attachable camera lens market. Photojojo challenged Box Clever to design a lens system to quickly and effectively amplify a mobile phone’s ability to capture professional quality images. As industrial design partners, Box Clever developed a strategy and design approach to bring an iconic product to market.

The design of the Iris mounting system works across a range of popular phone models as a distinct additive element. The final design allows for quick access and easy portability while retaining modern and accessible aesthetic language.


The Iris system has been designed to be a platform for multiple lenses including a wide angle, macro and fisheye. Each lens is differentiated by subtle color hues along with individual icons located on a facet on the outside of each lens. The facet element also acts as an alignment point for the internal adapter plate system and adds personality, creating a recognizable signature for the Iris lens series.


The lens cap and mount are linked by an elastic cord, which provides additional support by securely slipping around the corners of the phone. When not in use, the Iris lens mount transforms into a travel case that can easily loops around a bag handle.