Creative Strategy
Product Design
Pearl’s inaugural product, RearVision, was the company’s first step toward reshaping the future of automotive. Driven by the mantra that new car technology shouldn't just be available on new cars, Pearl teamed with Box Clever to create RearVision, a device that brings the latest technology into our existing cars and enables features to continue to improve as rapidly as technology evolves.
Existing aftermarket backup cameras often require heavy installation processes, like drilling holes and running wires. With RearVision you simply install the solar-powered Camera Frame around your license plate, plug the Car Adapter into your OBD port, and position your phone using the provided Phone Mount. The free Pearl App for iOS and Android then turns your phone screen into your hands-free rearview display.

The functional surface curvature is core to the design language in consideration of shielding the custom lenses that pair with an HD image sensor. These ‘eyes’ provide the device with exceptional wide-angle vision in daylight and at night, repelling water droplets in rain.

The unibody Camera Frame, created from a single piece of aluminum, provides maximum protection for the internal components, allowing RearVision to function in harsh conditions and light impacts. Designed to live on your car, an added, concealed theft-resistant feature was developed to provide the user with further confidence in security.


The provided magnetic Pearl Phone Mount was designed with the option to clip to your air vent or to adhere to your dashboard. The magnetic ball mechanism allows for an extensive range of adjustability to work according to your placement preference and docking vertically or horizontally. Two sizes of steel Phone Plates are included that stick on the back of your phone or case to ensure you and your family’s phones have the maximum bond to firmly affix to the Phone Mount.


The final touch in the RearVision family is the custom Locking Tool, which is for the theft resistant security screw that enables you to remove the frame when needed. Acting as Pearl’s mascot, following the system installation this collapsible Locking Tool includes a key ring-friendly hoop and an embedded magnet that keeps it locked during transport.