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Efficient, secure, and versatile this is a brain interface device like no other. The Neuroverse BrainStation leverages learnings from a myriad of disciplines to assist its users not only in realizing and solving debilitating health issues but in personal cognitive development and understanding.
First engaging in 2014, Box Clever conceptualized the industrial design based on a number of parameters and constraints that were sensitive to the delicate, revolutionary technologies housed within the product. The user's experience was paramount. We rose to this challenge by creating a wearable device that adheres to your forehead without the necessity of straps, headbands, clips, or additional sensors.

As both the users and use-cases are diverse, the device design needed to be streamline and professional, while remaining adaptive and intuitive. The selected materials and their application celebrate innovation and at the same time respect the internal components that drive accuracy and efficacy.


Brand Identity Design

Neuroverse continuously work at the forefront of innovation and evolution, pushing the margins of cognitive science.
Advanced. Trustworthy. Impactful. These key words drove the design strategy for the original Brand Identity system.

The logo resonates with the horizons their team continues to pioneer, and the bridging of science and technology to advance human experience. A blue-sky color palette echoes ambition and optimism.


The additional graphic imagery was later developed to be utilized in activations, again representing the future Neuroverse continues to realize.