Product Design
Naked Labs worked closely with Box Clever to design their Naked 3D Fitness Tracker, a home body scanner that allows you to visualize your body’s changing metrics over periods of time. Combined with the Naked app, the turntable base and scanner capture and track volumetric body fat percentage, accurate body measurements, and weight, developing a comparable body model so you can easily understand how your muscle growth and fat ratio is changing based on your health choices.

Designed to slip discreetly into your home environment, the scanner lives within a slim full-length mirror that can be freestanding or fixed against the wall to save space. An LED array provides the user with guidance throughout setup, scanning, and charging so you always know where you stand.


The glass topped turntable doubles as a scale and docks into the mirror base for wireless charging. The company brand mark is utilized as a target for the built-in laser pointer to orientate the device with the scanner components, enabling an accurate scan every time.