Creative Strategy
Product Design
Agile and compact, HiLo is a dynamic workplace perch that facilitates versatile, untethered workflows and spontaneous interactions. HiLo is designed to embrace evolving and immersive workplaces. At 11 lbs it is light and nimble enough to grab and carry with you, while simultaneously being an ally to the height adjustable desk. Inspired by structures and materials typically used in high performance apparel, HiLo’s complex architecture is designed within a minimal form.
"There has been this ongoing battle between whether it's better to stand or sit, HiLo wins this battle." – Bret Recor.
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A single button adjusts the height of the padded seat from 26 – 33 inches and the sprung steel bones of the foot provide flexibility and movement through the base.


Encouraging a natural, neutral lean the HiLo allows you to move, sit, and perch as needed, facilitating a relaxed yet active core.