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The first comprehensive home monitoring solution, Gate, incorporates a physical lock, a keypad for remote key-less access, 2-way enabled audio, real-time motion activated video monitoring, and time stamping, all packaged neatly into a single standalone device.Box Clever refined the existing design language to bring the first generation of the product to market. Working within tight constraints the team tuned the product form, blending and balancing key functional components while improving aesthetics. The user interface and experience has been honed for efficiency across all interactions – hardware and software – to create a simpler more effective solution for home


Safe, strong, and reliable, at its very core Gate is a secure lock for your door. With service partnerships for verified partners, unique access codes, both manual and automated ways of unlocking, and stored videos accessible via the app, Gate becomes your personal doorman – available whenever needed.


Brand Identity Design

The Gate brand logo icon becomes a seal of security – a guarantee of reliability and signifier of trust.


No-frills, simple, bold, it not only represents the ‘G’ of Gate but also has the second read of a keyhole and doorframe, hinting at the functionality of the device.


The color palette remains fresh while keeping clear of hues used by other players within the marketplace.