We ask. We understand. We distill. And then we challenge. Our process hinges on a hunger to create compelling designs that solve real problems. We look to create positive impact. We consider complexities and weigh trade-offs. We anticipate, counter, and adjust to create functional, refined design solutions. 

Away was co-founded by Jen Rubio and Steph Korey, former Warby Parker executives and traveller connoisseurs. Their ethos is to encourage connections between places and people, forging a new norm for travel and making the world our own.


Knoll is a constellation of design-driven brands and people, working together with their clients to create inspired modern interiors. Their internationally recognized portfolio includes furniture, textiles, leathers, accessories, and architectural and acoustical elements brands. These brands—Knoll Office, KnollStudio, KnollTextiles, KnollExtra, Spinneybeck | FilzFelt, Edelman Leather, and HOLLY HUNT—reflect their commitment to modern design that meets the diverse requirements of high-performance workplaces and luxury interiors.


Samsung Electronics America, Inc. is a recognized innovation leader in consumer electronics design and technology, delivering a broad range of digital consumer electronics, mobile products and wearables, wireless infrastructure, IT and home appliance products. Samsung is the market leader for HDTVs in the U.S and one of America’s fastest growing home appliance brand. 


Nebia was started on the premise of creating great products that fundamentally change the way people think about their relationship to water in their home. We first met with founding partners Philip Winter, Carlos Gomez, and Emilio Gomez in early 2014, and have been engaged as creative partners since then, working with them to shape their brand and design strategy. Their team is driven by a passion for creating better experiences, as well as a core belief that we can be more responsible consumers of earth’s most precious resource. 


PayClip was founded in 2012 to revolutionize payment card acceptance in emerging markets. Based in both Mexico City and Silicon Valley, PayClip is working to open doors for business owners by enabling them to accept card payments with the smartly designed Clip reader. 


After spending countless summers floating down rivers with friends, Russell Williamson noticed a lack of durable, high-definition audio systems that people could enjoy while hanging out by the water, or hosting a party in their backyard. Russell tapped into his engineering background and passion for music, experimenting with different designs and equipment to create a portable audio device with incomparable sound in any situation or environment. In 2014, Russell, along with longtime friend Nathan George, launched Thomas & Darden and began work with Box Clever to bring this unmatched, portable entertainment solution to market. 


Fade Studio is a new direct to consumer lighting company that merges intelligent design with the latest in lighting technology. The goal of the studio is to design lighting products that are innovative, transparent and stripped of complexity from conception to manufacturing to consumer. Our inaugural design is the Fade Task Light. 


Box Clever engaged with the Google team to develop a compelling out-of-box experience for their Project Fi SIM card and Welcome Kit packaging. Focusing on the structural concept and design of the packaging, Box Clever worked with graphic design agency, Turner Duckworth, to create a unique SIM card pack using minimal, compostable materials. In addition, the Welcome Kit provides users with a reusable molded pulp box and lidded containers. 


Founded in 1975, Microsoft is the worldwide leader in software, services, devices and solutions that help people and businesses realize their full potential.


Founded by Farhad Farahbakhshian and Ed Sclater with a belief in positive motivation and conviction that progress is the ultimate metric, Naked Labs’ mission is to inspire health through honest insights. Naked Lab's first product, Naked, aims to shift the focus from merely tracking inputs like steps and calories to the concrete impact that your choices have on your health. 


Founded in 1998, Nixon watches and accessories are designed with adventure in their bones. Inspired by travel and exploration Nixon aims to create objects that reflect the spirit of their wearer, offering team-designed, custom-built accessories for a life well lived.


Founded in 2014 by Google X and Qualcomm alumni Ehsan Saeed, Harvey Ho, and Danial Ehyaie, Gate has an illustrious team of creative thinkers and problem solvers who are aiming to strengthen communities and establish a bridge of trust between service providers and homeowners. Gate partners with companies that share in their vision for a connected community, bringing secure solutions to their users.


HTC brings brilliance to life through leading innovation in smart mobile device and experience design. The Pursuit of Brilliance is at the heart of everything they do, inspiring best-in-class design and game-changing mobile experiences for consumers around the world.


Headquartered in Sunnyvale, CA., Roost has developed a unique, patent-pending connected platform that delivers the ultimate in installation simplicity. With an ever-growing team Roost has created an affordable avenue for consumers to enter the smart home space and promises to be a notable name within the connected home category.


Founded in 1981, publicly traded Logitech is committed to ensuring users have a better experience with the digital world. Their peripherals and digital devices are world-renowned and Box Clever’s design for the Logitech P710e mobile speakerphone is an award-winning example of innovation in communications technology. 


Monohm is a small company with a big vision: to produce the next generation of electronic devices. Rather than stand out, Monohm products want to blend-in, utilizing a combination of old-world craftsmanship, timeless aesthetic and shapes that mirror the human form. Box Clever designed the Runcible handset, the company’s flagship product in an ongoing line they call “New Necessities”. 



Pearl’s three co-founders, Bryson Gardner, Joseph Fisher, and Brian Sander met whilst working together at Apple where they lead teams that developed more than 15 generations of iPods and iPhones. Inspired by the game-changing, life-alerting products they built at Apple, they created Pearl to bring the same type of transformational change to the automotive industry. Pearl believes that all drivers should have access to the latest car features and is dedicated to improving the experience through the aftermarket for the existing 1.2+ billion cars on the road today.

Photojojo is an online photography retailer and a subsidiary of Zoomin, an international photography service company. They have enjoyed coverage in a number of national and international publications, and released the book ‘Photojojo: Insanely Great Photo Projects and DIY Ideas’ published with Random House. 


Council Inc. works to represent American Design within the international furniture and home goods market. Quality, craftsmanship and elegant design are at the root of each collection and Box Clever’s Poise table and benches reflect that mantra perfectly. 


Since 2004 Engadget has been a definitive voice informing their audience of the truly groundbreaking technologies and innovative devices that are shaping our collective futures.